Thursday, June 4, 2015

Northside PRIDE Initiatives

Northside PRIDE has had a busy Spring with its Renaissance Block Challenge Competition, Trash Bash Community Event, The Readying of the Community Gardens and The Updating of Northside PRIDE's Street Assessment Data. A big THANK YOU goes out to all of the neighbors and property investors that participated in these Activities!!!

Meeting Attendance has improved as we launch 2015's new Neighborhood Initiatives.  Two of these initiatives include an updated street assessment within Northside PRIDE's target area. Preliminary findings suggest that our neighborhood has stabilized which indicates that Home Ownership has remained about the same as it was in Spring 2011.  When Data is complete we will post the update here! Another initiative is to increase our membership and there has been lively discussion at the last two meeting to expand the Northside PRIDE Target area. Another way to increase membership is  to "Market Our Neighborhood." SO, we came up with the concept of creating an "EDIBLE NEIGHBORHOOD."

An Edible Neighborhood is a community where the neighbors plant food in their Community Garden Space,  front yards, along the sidewalks, even in the ...sidewalk strip, for participating neighbors to enjoy when it’s ready to pick.

It’s about being an oasis in a food desert. It’s about growing in appreciation of the power and delight of nature, cultivated. We are looking to encourage people to grow food (and community) in any available space they have.

What do you have to do to be considered an Edible Neighborhood?
When you and several of your neighbors plant edible landscaping with the intention of making it available to your neighbors, you are there. Ways to do that is to provide these:

* Fruit Trees
* Nut Trees
* Fruit bearing bushes and vines like blueberries, raspberries and grape vines
* Edible flowers
* Herbs

  And it can also include a community garden.

The concept of the Edible Neighborhood floats about a bit. In the Northside PRIDE Neighborhood, we are focused on cultivating edible perennials that are located so participating neighbors have easy access to the plants and trees. In Northside PRIDE's community Garden we already have four three fruit trees, two blueberry bushes, concord Grapes and twelve gardens.

We plan to go further this year with the purchasing and planting of  more blueberries, raspberries and plum trees, as well as  more grapes in The Northside PRIDE community park. We are also planning to reach out to property owners to participate by planting edible themselves or allowing us (Northside PRIDE members and volunteers) to plant edibles in open spaces throughout the target area.

With the participation of about 12 homes thus far, we are excited to add more neighbors to our growing numbers.

Most of our plantings are perennials. But seasonal gardens and other plantings are great too. Who does not love fresh picked plums

It is easy and gratifying. Pick a sunny spot in your yard next to the side walk, and plant an apple, plum, or pear. Maybe a few blueberries.

Please Contact Kurt at 450.7616 OR if you are interested in participating! I should also note that the first Sunday of Every Month, We are holding a CAN DRIVE. Please Consider Donating your clean cans or bottles. See Post Below!! Thanks!!!

Northside PRIDE had a Wonderful Turnout for its 8th annual Trash Bash in coordination with Hands-On -Jamestown!!

Don and Co.

Jen Baker And Proud Son!
The Carlson's
The Peterson's
Stephanie's Third Year!!
Alicia and Jade

Wendy and Martin!
John and Buddy
Ruth and Maggie

Will and Danny
Even Molly came out to help!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bottle & Can Drive 2015

If you are interested in donating, please contact us to schedule a pick up or a drop off. Thank You!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Northside PRIDE's 8th annual TRASH BASH. May 16th @ 9:00 AM

Come Join NorthSide PRIDE as we partner with Hands on Jamestown for its annual Clean Up Day.
Where: Northside PRIDE Gardens(8th & Grant).  When: May16th At 9 AM Rain or Shine.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

April 23rd Press Release Submitted to the Jamestown Post Journal

Northside PRIDE, an acronym for Partnerships, Responsibility, Investment, Development and Encouragement continues to forge ahead into 2014. This year, PRIDE has developed a three year action plan that focuses primarily on community outreach, road and sidewalk repair, and the rehabilitation or demolition of several “Zombie” houses that haunt the neighborhood.  Since its inception in 2006, PRIDE has worked to improve its north side neighborhood; it has partnered with the City, BPU, DPW, Jamestown Renaissance Center, CHRIC, COI, BOCES, community volunteers and other organizations to rehab several houses, improve landscaping, fix roads and sidewalks, beautify, and install an attractive community garden, where an abandoned, burned house once stood.  This spring, PRIDE will complete the final phase of its community garden project, adding two more raised beds and two Italian Plum Trees to its existing twelve gardens and mini orchard. “I can’t say enough about the benefits of having a community garden in our neighborhood,” says Carlson, the interim president of Northside PRIDE. “It’s really nice to share stories and concerns with my neighbors while we pull weeds together or harvest our green beans.”  Carlson says he is looking forward to getting more young people gardening this spring and summer.  He says that PRIDE is planning to offer a few gardening educational activities as well as two open air harvest dinners. “My hat goes off to the City’s renewed commitment to work with the JRC and Chautauqua County Health Network to expand the “Community Gardens” program throughout the city.” Notwithstanding these improvements, Carlson points out: “there is a lot more work to be done; infrastructure problems have reached the breaking point, literally” says Carlson. “Broken curbs are contributing to significant soil runoff; busted, uneven sidewalks are resulting in unsafe thoroughfares for pedestrians, particularly the elderly and disabled; and severe dips and deviations in the road are resulting in hazardous driving/biking conditions, not to mention the formation of large pools of filthy, standing water.”  Yet, Carlson says, he is encouraged with the recent discussion by the Dept. of Development regarding the mitigation of these areas of concern:  “I think we are starting to see the energy of downtown improvement migrate into the neighborhoods.  I am also encouraged with the expansion of “Mini Sweeps” by the Housing Inspection Program.  It’s a visible queue that The City is making a concerted effort to improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods.”  Carlson goes on to say that he is optimistic with the momentum to adopt a new citywide landlord registration policy. “ By internally inspecting a dwelling and  giving public access to the real name and physical address of a landlord, as opposed to the anonymity of an LLC and PO Box, Carlson says, “the community will be able to see just who the responsible landlords are and who the slumlords are.” I hope this leads to physical improvements, but more importantly, I hope the registration process will lead to safe dwellings and greater accountability. Everyone should be afforded a clean, safe place to live and prosper.” Northside PRIDE will be participating with The Lillian Dixon Park Build Day on May 31st as well as Hands-On Jamestown Community Clean-Up Day on May 17th, kicking off their annual Trash Bash with coffee and pastries @8:30 A.M. at the Northside Pride Park on corner of  Grant and 8th St.  Anybody interested in participating or learning more about Northside PRIDE’s initiatives can call 450.7616 or visit their blog or Facebook page;  Northside Pride of Jamestown New York.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Minutes Below for Northside PRIDE's March Meeting:

Block Grant Info:
While our target area was publicized to be included again this year, the specifics in the PJ article were sorely lacking.  No mention of promised infrastructure improvements that we were promised 2 years ago.  Consensus was that we will have to await further information.  The CDBG meeting was the same day as our‘s.  PRIDE will compose a letter, requesting that that city uphold their previous commitments to the PRIDE infrastructure improvements.

PRIDE will submit a detailed report to the appropriate persons.

Gardening & Seed Starting  Activity
Seed starting activity was tabled.  Date for opening of our gardens will be dependent on the weather.  Ruth will make contact with gardeners from 2013 & try to find additional neighbors who would like to participate in 2014.  Ruth has the 2013 list and will make contact with them.
Ruth & Don will compose an invitation form for 2014 garden participants.
We should try to locate all of the water-lock keys for re-distribution this year.  Don & Ruth have the master key to the lock.
Was resolved that we should issue press release regarding the opening of our community garden to encourage more neighborhood participation.  PRIDE will handle the press release using last years tree planting activity.  Need to schedule a day to fill in the low spots in our upper lot using soil from last years box soil.  Don requested some assistance maintaining our lots.  The steep bank between lots has become difficult for mowing! Contact Mary Maxwell to make sure that PRIDE is still covered under their blanket insurance policy for our neighborhood gardening activities.  Additionally, personal injury waivers should be required to be signed again this year by all participants.

Spring Clean-Up
Was resolved that PRIDE should again conduct its annual Trash-Bash to coincide with Jamestown's annual Spring Clean-up.

Additional Note:  The Grant St. area will be featured in the 2014 Audubon Secret Garden Tour July 12th.  PRIDE will make a concerted effort to have everything cleaned up & presentable.  Garden tour attendee’s will most certainly be walking thru our garden plots.
Future intentions for Guest Speakers:
We would like to schedule Fred Larson, Vince, & Maria De-Joy.  PRIDE will coordinate with them.  Meeting is projected to be the 1st Wednesday of May.  Will have a meeting in April to determine questions to be asked of them. 

Open Discussion:

P.O. Box rental Continuation: 
Question by member as to whether we should continue renting the P.O. Box at $62 per year?  Yes motion by ***, 2nd by ***; motion approved.  Possible Inclusion of North side of Falconer St.?
Current by-laws would preclude membership.  PRIDE would only allow non-voting status
@ this point.  Will discuss at a later date.
Meeting adjourned upon motion by ***, second by ***.

Minutes submitted by Northside PRIDE

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Northside PRIDE is Ready to Begin Gardening. Let's Spring It On!!!!

Last October, We completed the final phase of The Northside PRIDE Gardens 

by planting Several Fruit Trees 

Check out Pics Below:

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Phase One Begins at  Northside Pride's Community Garden

The Waterline has been installed. Next phase will be the installation of the beds...

               Great News for Lilian Dixon Park 

                                                                                 by Andrew Dickson

Saturday's Hands On Jamestown effort was a great success. Some of the accomplishments include:
  • Weed and brush cutting
  • New fall zone material under the playground equipment
  • Installation of the climbing wall
  • Touch-up painting on the park sign and pavilion
  • Bench and bike rack installation
  • Sunflower seedlings distributed to eager gardeners
Thanks to the many hands from neighbors, Home Depot volunteers and Parks Department crews for making the day light work.

 the Chautauqua Region Community Foundation has given $7,500 toward the new playground equipment! This brings our account balance to over $11,400 toward our $30,000 goal.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Here is a recent letter that went out to Tony Dolce and other Local Constituents and Representatives re: this house (36 LIBERTY).  Vince DeJoy's Response:  "this house is structurally sound."   
36 Liberty: holes in the roof and soffits, crumbling foundation, yet according to DeJoy: "Structurally Sound."
Dear Tony,

I'm writing to ask if you would use your influence to have 36 Liberty St. included in the list of properties to be demolished.   I'm sure that you are familiar with the structure in question, but thought I would include a brief summary of its sorry history.

1.  In 2006 ( the year that PRIDE was formed)  we were promised that the house was scheduled to be demolished.  Greg Moran made that statement during a bus tour of our neighborhood that was sponsored by the Gebbie Foundation.  

2.  Since 2006, the property has been owned by at least three "investors"--all of whom purchased it at the county tax foreclosure sale.   No significant, meaningful improvements were made.

3.  If the house were demolished,  the owner of the house adjacent has told the city that she would buy the empty lot, thus eliminating the possibility of  another neglected  space.

4.  We have been told that the house is "structurally sound, but we believe that a closer examination would reveal a deteriorating structure.

5.  The house has been posted with a huge "no occupancy"  sign for about three years, yet no corrections have been made to the many code violations.  One wonders why she is not held liable for the same code requirements  that her neighbors must obey.

6.  In its current condition, the house is devaluing the surrounding homes  and discouraging potential home buyers.  There are currently at least four homes for sale in that short block between 6th and 7th Streets.

Both the homeowners and PRIDE have been patient regarding this eyesore.  We think that it is time to remedy this problem now.


Bob Doverspike,
President, Northside PRIDE
Hands on Jamestown & Northside PRIDE.  Great Times with all of the Incredible Folks in the neighborhood, especially the KIDS!!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

6th Anuual Trash Bash This Saturday May 18th!!!

Northside PRIDE is partenring with Hands on Jamestown for their 6th Trash Bash.  9:00 AM for Donuts &Coffee!!

Coming Attractions

Three Acquisitions

In the last blog update we featured properties that are scheduled for demolition-homes that will no longer be a blight on our neighborhood. In this blog update we're going to focus on rehabilitation. Both of the single-family homes that are featured below have been acquired by county agencies (in conjunction with PRIDE) and will undergo extensive rehabilitation in the coming year.

The Lincoln Street Property-already in reasonable condition-has been obtained by Chautauqua Opportunities Inc. This redo will feature a remodeled kitchen and bath plus interior and exterior cosmetic changes. PRIDE is looking forward to its completion, when it will go on the market to be sold to an eligible first-time home buyer.

8th Street Youth Build House (CHRIC)
Currently in progress, CHRIC is doing an amazing job restoring this old Arts and Crafts home.

Grant Street: Restored and SOLD!!! This property required serious rehabilitation. Chautauqua Home Rehabilitation and Improvement Corporation. CHRIC has transformed this home-both inside and out. CHRIC has done extensive renovations to the exterior, which included installing a new roof, beefing up the foundation and installing new, state of the art siding. CHRIC likes to say that they "take the worst house on the block and transform it into the best." Northside PRIDE is very appreciative of this partnership and is happy that this old Dutch-colonial home found a homeowner who is proud to live on the Northside.

Acquisition #2

Acquisition #2
404 Lincoln